Program Types

Elby’s fleet services can propel your business like no other. Whether we’re moving your customers, your employees, or your products, rest assured they’ll be moving efficiently, sustainably, and with an overpowering smile.

Condos & Community Living Program

Enhance the appeal of your property and provide valuable benefits to residents by offering environmentally-friendly transportation solutions. Elby Mobility’s low-carbon, turn-key fleets can also help your property achieve recognition for corporate sustainability.

Key Benefits

  • Add an environmentally friendly transportation option to your residential offerings that goes beyond traditional personal car ownership
  • Integrate an ebike fleet benefit into your corporate social responsibility program
  • Demonstrate your brand commitment to sustainability programs that resonate with guests
  • Unlimited potential for program options, including pre-unit sales, post-unit sales, property-wide share program
  • Reduced parking space requirements
  • Government carbon credits and incentives available
  • A seamless integration between living and transportation