Program Benefits

New Revenue Stream

Leverage electric bike technology in your business to expand your service offerings. Elby ebikes are an exciting, fun, safe and sustainable transportation solution for your customers / stakeholders. Elby offers turn-key solutions for quick program deployments.

Win with Your Customers

By offering on-trend, premium experiences and lifetime memories, your customers will associate extraordinary experiences with your brand.

Corporate Sustainability

Elby ebikes offer an opportunity to expand your ‘green’ footprint and adopt programs that will move your company closer to its sustainability goals. Ebikes reduce congestion and emissions and are a perfect fit for eco-conscious companies / organizations.

Unique Branding Opportunity

Elby ebikes can be branded with your own company / organizational logo. Align your brand with an eco-friendly, modern transportation solution and get noticed.

Stakeholder / Employee Engagement

Offering employees and other stakeholders access to purchase or utilize ebikes as part of your corporate incentive programs will show that you care about issues that your employees and stakeholders also care about. Watch your engagement scores improve!

Operational Efficiencies

Elby ebikes offer fast speeds – up to 28mph (45 kph) and super long charges – up to 80 miles per charge (129 kilometers per charge). Reduced travel times and more time on the road will reduce your operational costs, driving efficiencies to your business.

Differentiate Your Business

Show your customers, employees and stakeholders that you are different! Offering a unique ebike program will put you ahead of the pack and position your organization as innovative and trend-setting