Our Customers

Tridel, one of the largest condominium developers in Canada, has chosen Elby Mobility to supply ebike fleets to select developments in the Greater Toronto Area. As a responsible global leader and a company that’s focused on corporate social responsibility, Tridel understands that adopting sustainable practices is an opportunity and competitive advantage for business. That’s why Tridel has developed a program to offer Elby ebikes as part of an ‘eco-package’ when purchasing a condominium. Customers are looking for new transportation solutions and ebikes offer ways to move around the city, avoid congestion and reduce emissions to the environment.

Benefits for partnering with Elby:

  • Aligns with corporate social responsibility mission
  • Offers a premium experience
  • Integrated living-transportation options

Ritz Carlton is well known for its gold standard in luxury hotel and resort properties and travel experiences. The company provides exemplary service levels and its mission includes providing the finest personalized services to enliven the senses and instill well-being for its guests. Elby Mobility and Ritz Carlton hotels have partnered together to bring new experiences to life for Ritz Carlton customers.

Benefits for partnering with Elby:

  • Generating customer loyalty through innovative programs
  • New revenue stream for properties
  • Personalized service offering that fits with hotel/resort demographics

JW Marriott is a brand of luxury hotels and resorts that provides outstanding and enriching experiences for its guests. With locations around the world, JW Marriott offers its guests moments that will leave their lives richer and unique journeys to experience life in new ways.

Elby Mobility has engaged with JW Marriott to provide Elby ebike fleets to select locations to provide some of those unforgettable life moments.

Benefits for partnering with Elby:

  • Elby provides a premium, exhilarating ebike experience
  • Offers opportunity for adventure and exploration
  • Supports the brand approach to holistic mental and physical well-being

Fairmont hotels, owned by AccorHotels, is a luxury hotel brand that prides itself on providing life experiences and special moments for its guests. As part of its efforts to understand the individual needs and personalize service of its guests accordingly,

AccorHotels has introduced ‘The Seeker Project’ which uses behavioural analytics and biometrics to understand guests’ travel desires in order to deliver greater luxury experiences. That’s where Elby comes in. Elby Mobility is launching fleets at select Fairmont locations to provide a premium ebike experience to trendsetting guests who value adventure, technology and unconventional exploration.

Benefits for partnering with Elby:

  • Provides guests with services personalized to their interests
  • IIntegrates with loyalty program
  • Offers unforgettable luxury experience