About Elby

The centerpiece of Elby Mobility is the award-winning Elby electric-assist
bike, an intuitive, easy-to-use, efficient solution to the problems of modern-
day transportation.

Founded in 2019, Elby Mobility is pioneering a revolution in the way we move through our communities and cities. Elby is an emerging leader within the hyper-growth micromobility segment of the transportation industry.

Elby Mobility not only delivers world class hardware to the rapidly growing micromobility market, but is a technology company with integrated IoT, providing sustainable transportation solutions within commercial B2B markets (cities, developers/condos, hotels/resorts, university/college campuses and corporations).

The brainchild of an automotive design and manufacturing legend (Frank Stronach founder: Magna International, a $40 billion/175,000 employee, global manufacturer of automotive parts/technology), Elby is a revolutionary re-think of the electric bike and personal mobility vehicle. Elby sets itself apart from competitive product offerings through it’s automotive grade design, engineering, and integrated technology.

Elby is inspiring and supplying fully integrated micromobility solutions and providing the best transportation experience within the rapidly growing low carbon economy.