Elby Bike Features


The Elby Experience

Riding an Elby is a feeling, one that’s not easy to describe. The closest we’ve come is “feeling electric.” It’s visible on the faces of everyone taking their first spin: they’re transported back to their first few moments of freedom on a bike as they charged ahead on their own. It’s this feeling that’s central to Elby and the brands that partner with us.


Industry Leading Range

Elby’s impressive 90 mile (144 kilometer) range means less charging time and more time on the road. Whether your fleet is being used by customers or for specific business tasks, more up-time is critical for reliable and efficient operations.


Automotive Roots & Premium / Award-Winning Construction

The Elby is the brainchild of Frank Stronach – an automotive design and manufacturing legend (Founder of Magna International, a $40 billion/175,000 employee global manufacturer of automotive parts /technology that is responsible for complete car builds for luxury brands such as Aston Martin, Porsche, and BMW).


Versatile Fit

The Elby is designed to welcome everybody, literally. Its multiple adjustment points allow it to accommodate riders from 5’ to 6”5’ in height, making it perfect for bikeshare and fleet programs. The step-through frame make it easy to mount and dismount, leading to less fatigue, more comfort, and a stronger overall suitability for riders.

Electric Assist

Powered by Elby’s super high-output lithium-ion battery, the Elby electric assist can be activated by pedaling the bike and having it match your own power or via the thumb throttle that propels you forward, no pedaling required.


Safety, stability, comfort, and ease-of-use were watchwords for us in designing the Elby. The unique low center of gravity makes for stable handling in corners and at top speed. Reflective striping on tires and saddle, Supernova front and rear LED lights, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes make for a complete package of on-road safety and visibility, day and night.


Modern Styling

Crucial to the Elby’s design is its attractiveness to everyone, not only typical bike riders. The ergonomic grips, low-step entry and sturdy aluminum tubing all suggest a ride that prioritizes comfort, elegance, and a ride experience that’s unmatchable.


Connected Technology

Like all modern tech, Elby bikes are connected. With seamless Bluetooth connectivity, your smart phone becomes an extension of your Elby + charges while you are on the go! Elby’s exclusive IoT connected app allows for fleet management, tracking, data share, over the air lock/unlock, and provides the ability to easily customize fleets (offering sustainable transportation solutions as an amenity, charge per use/per distance, or no charge as a complimentary offering to guests, students, residents or employees).