Program Service & Technology

Elby’s fleet services can propel your business like no other. Whether we’re moving your
customers, your employees, or your products, rest assured they’ll be moving efficiently,
sustainably, and with an overpowering smile.

Program Setup:

On-site setup of docking station, signage and ebikes.


Training provided to employees to ensure top-notch customer service and safety awareness.

On-Site Follow-Up

Follow-up on-site visits will ensure that training and rollout is thorough and complete


Routine and unplanned maintenance can be
provided for your fleet.


Program reporting on revenue generation, pricing, utilization rates, ebike unit maintenance, transaction history and more

Marketing Support

Marketing ideas and collateral to ensure effective rollout and promotion of your fleet program.


An Elby ebike is the ultimate connected technology—it literally brings us to new places and new people.

Armed with the Elby Business App (available on mobile and desktop), you can track all the data and report on everything you need to keep your fleet rolling.

Customer tracking, utilization, pricing, revenue generation, maintenance, and more are all key functions of our management software so that you can focus on delivering the best new mobility tool on the ground today

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