Program Types

Elby’s fleet services can propel your business like no other. Whether we’re moving your customers, your employees, or your products, rest assured they’ll be moving efficiently, sustainably, and with an overpowering smile.

College & University Campus Program

Offer new eco-friendly mobility options around campus while building community, improving connectedness and promoting healthy living. Campus life favors innovation, low-carbon living, fitness, environmentally-friendly values, and community, all of which are a natural match for technology like the Elby ebike.

Key Benefits

  • Potential revenue streams through Elby rental programs, on-campus housing-based fleets, employee purchase discounts, or campus-wide bike share programs
  • Gets students out in the local community without the broader external costs associated with traditional vehicle ownership
  • Aligned with institutional and individual interests in sustainability
  • More directly incorporates fitness and wellness into campus life
  • Supports initiatives to reduce congestion and overall emissions
  • Decreases parking demand and traffic issues on campus